The authors of Hell Let Loose answered a variety of questions of fans of a multi -user shooter

The authors of Hell Let Loose answered a variety of questions of fans of a multi -user shooter

After the departure of the Devotion to Duty, containing a large number of errors, the players began to massively refuse the game and put negative grades to the joker (although the trailer is only one of the reasons for this situation). And although most reviews on Steam are still "Very positive", The average indicator over the past 30 days (almost 1,500 reviews) – "Mixed".

Therefore, it is not surprising that the manufacturers rushed to the rescue. In a recent update, they once again apologized to the players and told what changes are planned in Hell Let Loose. They also accepted their hearts to improve communication with the community, as evidenced by the recent AMA session, which was also announced in the above announcement.

  • Last week, the ASK Me Antything session was held in the Hell Let Loose community, and within 24 hours users could ask various questions.
  • A few days later, the vast majority of them received exhaustive answers from representatives of Team17.
  • It should be noted that the team answered the questions included: Kiran D’Archamba (Technical Director), Adam Wiles (senior brand manager), Craig Clark (producer), Matt White (creative director) and AMA-head Alisha (community -manager).

The most interesting questions and answers were collected in one material by the Ironheart Gaming channel – you can watch the video below. It is worth noting that Team17 will also talk about this issue of AMA in Dev Brief #192, which will be available at the end of this week.

It is easy to guess that the gamers took the opportunity to ask developers about the process of creating a flimsy trailer – one of the users asked just the question that was allocated among others. Another reader answered him that there were no chances that the developers will deal with this issue. However, one of the representatives of Team17 still touched on this difficult topic.

  • It turned out that Team17 entrusted the development of a trailer for Devotion to Duty to a third -party agency. It is important to note that the developers of Hell Let Loose mentioned that they did not check its quality.
  • Subsequent trailers will be prepared by the forces of the previous full -time team, which was responsible for advertising materials.
  • Adam (senior brand manager), answering the question, noted that the criticized trailer is not represented by HLL and the team will never release materials of this quality.

The question of the sensational trailer was certainly the most interesting, but attention was paid to some other aspects – including those opportunities that developers are going to bring to the game. The What-The-Fudge-T65 user wanted to know if the developers will allow to move to the other side on cards with one bridge. It turns out that such an opportunity may appear in Hell Let Loose.

We are working on this – including the inclusion of boats and water vessels", – answered the creative director Matt.

The survey participants also touched on the theme of Hell Let Loose servers on the latest generation consoles. Crimson26 user asked if it is planned to improve the selection system for users of Sony and Microsoft platforms. In response, it was said that work to correct filters and improve the gameplay for console users will continue.

Of particular interest to players Hell Let Loose is the question of the possibility of including new troops in the future. The creative director said that it is planned to include the Finnish army and the Polish army in the game. However, it is still unclear when you can expect the implementation of this change.

Recall that the game Hell Let Loose was released in July 2021. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Despite the recent problems, the shooter remains a well -accepted work, whose action takes place during the Second World War. Nevertheless, the developers will have to work hard to fully return the trust of existing fans.