According to Xbox marketing director, Redfall did not have strong pressure on Starfield

According to Xbox marketing director, Redfall did not have strong pressure on Starfield

Yesterday, September 1, early access to a new large -scale space role -playing game from Bethesda – Starfield has started. At the same time, at the moment in the press you can find very positive reviews to Starfield. Although some publications set only 7 points, the average rating of the game on Metacritic and Opencritic is 88 points.

All this gives hope that Microsoft will be able to create a new demanded game, and also serves as evidence that the Bethesda SoftWorks absorption transaction for 7.5 billion. Doll. did not go for Microsoft for nothing. And although Redfall, the first exclusive of Bethesda, published by Microsoft, turned out to be a failure, on Starfield it seems to have no particular influence.

In an interview with the Gamesindustry portal, Xbox chief marketer Jerretus West said that Redfall failure had no additional pressure on Starfield.

As soon as it comes to the tasks that we set for ourselves in relation to games from the first persons, we want to make them as high quality as possible, and has never been such that such strong pressure and such high expectations were exerted for the game. After meeting Starfield, there is no feeling that Redfall exerted too much pressure on her. In my opinion, this Starfield presses on itself because of its natural attractiveness. Given that Bethesda has produces a completely new IP over the past 25 years, then, of course, much more attention will be focused on it.

This really made us think about promoting the game, we had to carefully think about what exactly is Starry Sky, but what is not, at the same time, to clearly think, to correctly fulfill, to be honest and open with the community. In general, this honed our thinking, but I do not think that it is somehow connected with Redfall.

If you are issuing a project related to Xbox as Starfield, people look at it already through this prism, and higher requirements are presented to such games.

Currently, PC users can already improve their impressions of Starfield with various mods, including mods adding Intel Xess/Nvidia Dlss 2, changing the field of vision (FOV) or optimizing performance.