Alaskan Road Truckers Trucks Alaskan Road Truckers Simulator will receive two additions today

Alaskan Road Truckers Trucks Alaskan Road Truckers Simulator will receive two additions today

Green Man Gaming Publishing, Movie Games S.A and Road Studio S.A present two new content and update for Alaskan Road Truckers, which improves the quality of life for truckers of Alaska.

The first new adventure will be the addition of ICE Roads Expansion, which will transfer you deeper to the frozen Alaska desert. In addition to new tests, new locations and much more, the real trucker from Alaska Lisa Kelly (the ice path of the long -collaborators of the History Channel) is joined as a game character.

Here’s a new one in the free addition to ICE Roads Expansion:

  • New region – ice roads
  • New mountain and rocky roads
  • New game character – Lisa Kelly
  • 7 new types of cargo
  • 7 new logistics locations
  • 8 new attractions
  • New mechanics: fragile ice.
  • New mechanics: ferry transport (available in the summer).
  • New consumables
  • Snow all year round in the DLC Ice Roads zone
  • Tons of secrets and Easter eggs

ICE Roads addition is available for free to everyone who has Alaskan Road Truckers.

The new cosmetic DLC Trucking Hell will also become available, providing you with many settings for your player and your truck. This addition will help you to maximize your appearance on the road and beyond: from a completely new game character to new options for a truck.

That’s all that is included in DLC Trucking Hell:

  • New post -apocalyptic game character.
  • New special truck is available in the headquarters store store.
  • 2 special skins for Trucking Hell trucks are available for all trucks.
  • New details for customization Trucking Hell:

In addition to two new content issues, Alaskan Road Truckkers also receives a large general update of the quality of life, so even if you do not go to a new region or do not stuff your truck with skulls, you can still enjoy a smooth gameplay when you go on the road.

Please note that the update of Alaskan Road Truckers, ICE Road Expansion and Trucking Hell DLC will be available in Steam at 20:00 Moscow time.

Alaskan Road Truckers is available for PC in Steam. Versions for PC in Epic Games Store and for consoles Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 will come out in the near future.