Another royal battle goes into oblivion: Super PEOPLE closes

Another royal battle goes into oblivion: Super PEOPLE closes

Super People was not a story about unlimited success, but for some time she gained momentum as a new game in the genre of royal battle. They wrote about her as about "super -powerful PUBG", who offered players the opportunity to become a superman on the battlefield, and for a short period of time she was appreciated by many people.

However, after the number of players was reduced faster than anything else in history, it was confirmed that Super PEOPLE – now known as Super PEOPLE 2 – will be closed forever August 21, 2023.

Super People was developed by the South Korean studio Wonder People, which set itself a grandiose purpose to destroy the popular Battle Royale genre. In the game of Super People, players could fly to the card, start robbing everything that the soul wants, and fight with other players, while revealing the intense abilities that turned them into. Well, in super -lodges.

Last year, the game gained popularity, some leading streamers picked it up and broadcast it far and widely, but all this impulse has since collapsed to the ground. Most people played Super People through the branded Wonder People launch program, but if you use Steam as a representative example of the number of players, you can see a demonstration story.

In October 2022, the peak number of players was 47,392 people. Now, at the time of publication, the 24-hour peak is only 267 people. However, the situation becomes even worse – on Twitch the record number of spectators of the game, which is 142,982 users, fell before. Three spectators.

In a statement published on the page of the game in Steam, Wonder People explained the situation:

Unfortunately, despite your support and love, we will be forced to stop the early access Super PEOPLE 2 from August 21. We tried very hard to make balanced patches and make changes sequentially, but the number of users continues to decrease. Due to the features of the genre, if the number of users decreases, the selection time increases, and the selection of players cannot be fair, so we cannot provide a fun game process that we want. At the moment, new players can no longer participate in Super PEOPLE (Read: Super PEOPLE 2). But if you already have a game, you can continue to play it until it leaves the network in August 2023.