Atlas Fallen gameplay shows the creative process of development

Atlas Fallen gameplay shows the creative process of development

Deck13 and Focus Entertainment has released a new ATlas Fallen gameplay video. Video called the name "Behind the Sand", It also serves as a deep immersion in the creative process of Deck13 and allows you to learn more about the setting of the game, its hostilities and the plans standing behind its creation.

We have already met the ATlas Fallen gameplay and the features of the desert, but this video contains interviews from the development process of Deck13. Various employees of the company talk about what served as a source of inspiration to create Atlas Fallen, and about the solutions that led to the implementation of certain aspects of the game.

In the first moments of the trailer, creative director Jan Klosze describes the game as "Swift action, battles and the use of all your skills to destroy large cool monsters". It is difficult to disagree with this, judging by the frames that we have seen at the moment.

Then we will learn a little more about the plot of the game, including about the factions you have to meet, many of which are warriors of an impressively sounding millennium queen. Of course, in the implementation of this story, a team of level designers plays a large role in life. Director of the Gérémy Hartvick says that the team has learned the lessons from The Surge and used them in the new "Changing quickly" World Atlas Fallen.

Deck13 demonstrates some movement abilities that you can use in Atlas Fallen. Among them – "Sliding on the sand", which, as expected, suggests sliding along the sand dunes. According to the team, the goal was that the players could not escape from this world, but at the same time felt "Freedom" Inside him.

The artistic director James Law calls Dune the influence on Atlas Fallen, which should probably be obvious in the presence of sand. According to Low, when creating Atlas Fallen, he also used classical fantasy, such as "Lord of the Rings", And also The Witcher. Real careers in which sand accumulates "millennia", also influenced the game.

If you are afraid that Deck13 has abandoned its heritage (for example, The Surge and Lords of the Fallen), then this is not so. Although ATlas Fallen offers various levels of complexity, such elements as cutting off parts of the body remained untouched (by irony of fate), adding "Tactical angle" To the battle.

According to Hartwick, the fight itself is conceived so that "Everyone could figure it out", And its basis is the system of Momentum. Attacking and accumulating Momentum, you will strive for a large, spectacular attack, causing huge damage, which should become a kind of triumphal peak in battle.

It is worth watching the full video from which you will learn even more about the creative process DEK13 and about the miracles offered in Atlas Fallen. The game itself is released on August 10 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, since its release was postponed from the original May date.