Baldur’s Gate 3 fans announced the collection of players – the goal of gaining 1 million online in Steam

Baldur’s Gate 3 fans announced the collection of players – the goal of gaining 1 million online in Steam

Baldur’s Gate 3 came out last week and it was a rather loud start to Steam – at some point the digital store server began to experience a big load, and even those who did not wait and Sven Vinka apologized for this before the Steam community.

The record for the peak number of players in the role -playing game on Steam is still holding at 814,666 players, but some games showed a more outstanding result, and the fans have matured a plan that may help change everything.

Active community participants Baldur’s Gate 3 were offered to go to the game massively tonight. The action will be held from 22 pm to 5 in the morning Moscow time and usually participants in such events are recommended to hold at least one hour in the game to exactly get into statistics. Naturally, this applies only to the owners of a copy of the game in Steam – at the moment, the online role -playing game already exceeds 734 thousand players: will it be possible to take a new height is still unknown.

They drove. All a pleasant game! 🍻

P.S. I’m still the same third on the right))

In, Ril herd of hamsters

Oh I see you also sit on Joyreactor.

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They drove it, everything will be, they will feel the power

Hmmm. Among us is a rat! Someone minus you -_-

Avengers. General collection.

He left, you may not wait.

As one film critic, parodying Dauni, said; "I’m tired of blockbusters, I will go to Treesh". And he starred in the doctor of the saint.

I have been there for a week and still in the second act, 75 hours this speedran is purely in the plot.

You are slow.. The protocol10 on the relaxation has already passed several times.

Protocol 10 – either a pensioner, or it at his time .. On Rosslabon.

He is a respected and surviving Old PG. No need to.

He is on the PG for 10 years, sits and loses from fools from idleness, no more. If here they were banned for everything, then he would have done the same. Here the contingent is necessary.

Here for example. 7 minuses why? Razumists cannot in humor and even more so sarcasm.

Who is where, and my friends and I burst and join the stream.

I am sitting every day

Game top, and it should be a canon for the RPG genre.

Yes, it was facilitated for the incident, the same Paf Feider is many times more complicated.

But the Larias did the maximum that they could.

Could they make a realm mode? Perhaps many probably would like, but they decided to rely on their experience, what are they the best.

And they really made a top game . I want to play and replay it in it.

Yes, a step -by -step fighter doesn’t come in to everyone, but the game is not more about the fighting, but there are not so many fights and fights there, and they are not as long as in OS2

And a separate bow that the regional prices have rolled out, it’s just a shame to pirate such a game.

I bought D4 and regret, in fact a piece of g*VNA unfinished. But this game costs completely its money.

And I am glad that she has such sales and such a rating, the last time such a high caught when the witcher came out, it is a pity that there was no more complicated regime

By the way, I agree about the regime. When I watched Panel from Hell the last, and there, developing the goblins bent, I thought that I didn’t want to sweat so that every cunning goblin bend me on the cd). And decided to play the average difficulty .And something in average complexity was somehow quite simple in battles. Let me think I’ll try a heavy level . And in general, so far without any problems, as if they were weakened by the release of all levels. So here I agree, I need some other mortal level of complexity, so that there are less saving, the inability to change the level in the process of the game and another.=)

Good luck, I will already sleep.

I support! I participate!
So, but she has been launched by default. Other games are no longer needed)

The game is hacking, good time .. As if I felt at the table, I confirm. The baton of online

I’m in the game! We connect the people. 💪🏻

You forgot to calculate the pirates, so sho is just a million+

Well, how did we get lam?

Eh, I had to look at the night

Again, Vinka will have to apologize for the stacked Steam servers)

Pf, and so after the darkness I will be there.

And what, the idea is cool.

I also want, but there is no license yet))

I am masterpiece I can’t come off for 3 days (I am sitting and going only to smoke.Eat yourself.feed dogs) and then I play again. With two beauties in the game I already slept)))) twice))))) This is a masterpiece of hahahahha

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It’s stupid. No?

When there is nothing more to do

Such is he fanaticism.

You know the book like that, Guinness? Now tell all those who are recorded there that they acted stupidly.

Not guys, I have already for the third hour of the night, and your idea has not yet started, sleep … mentally with you))

Well, leave the game in the tria until the morning 🙂

You can even start an ordinary launcher) it will be counted, but it will not load, the main thing is to turn off the transition to sleeping mode)

Here they will get, then arrange such a thing.

Buy me a game I will come

I do not want to offend the cult of the BG3 but the game is just Dushnilov, I played for 4 hours and not hunting

What was pushed away in the game?

Baldurs Gate, he was always more about the plot than about the battles, but here not only is all the step -by -step and each battle lasts much longer, but also the enncaunter behind the enncaunter. I want more plot, and they overshadow me.

Well, I don’t know, I’m high here from the fighting and their variability. Yes, and there is enough plot with dialogs here, Yab did not say that they are still thrown there.

Oh, there is no plot in the BG3, I don’t even know where it is then in your opinion then

And the Sororyan, I didn’t fully read it, for you, overwhelmed, there is an AS dynamics, not step -by -step! Enjoy

Game – dumb re -assessed gov*!

Not at all. The game is a lot better, which is now going out, at least it can really be called RPG unlike many other modern games.

probably Hogwarts Legashi, times better? corridor levels and zero reigla? Well, do not argue with you

The 150% agreed to copy Divinity: Original Sin, under a different sauce they served and the majority were sought =)

Twinka fans will begin to produce? How they are online to Lyam, if the players were maximum 820k, others will be forced?

And here is the fact that there was a peak online in 820k? Or in your opinion, 820k bought a game?This online only shows the number of players who are currently playing, and they could buy in the early days 5kk for example, but since people go out and go in, they swim online and essentially hold on one mark, thereby in these 820k peak online For example, 2kk people could enter, for example, I did not think that someone would have to paint such a thing so that he would not write such a game anymore..

How Fantikov BG3 tears from anyone who will at least somehow doubt something connected with the game. It will be very interesting to see how they wipe them online to Lyam and check your theory, and then I will come here to look at such clowns like you.

Fanatics? Alas, I have never even launched a game, so by..

What theory? The topic about online is not a theory, but it is. Or do you still think that 820k of a peak online means that 820k people bought a game and no one except them bought it?

How Fantikov BG3 tears from anyone who will at least somehow doubt something connected with the game. It will be very interesting to see how they wipe them online to Lyam and check your theory, and then I will come here to look at such clowns like you.

What does fanatic?) You shipped the garbage. There are 3 million sales and the game is still only on PC. If the trend really goes, then the Izi can gain a million.

Yes, what for is needed this league, let the game correct better

I would not yet lag on your bucket with nuts, which you call a computer😂

A colander of your change (think the next loan) and not.

I got dead for three days and got tired of it, reached the world where there is some kind of darkness, the lunar towers are still there, and even I’m tired of playing this game, the tasks of the type go there, bring it already tired of it, the plot is not at all, it is not impressive, not impressive, in Princesses impressive a bunch of dialogues and tincas and though it is easy to wet everyone and do not make friends, although my game broke down and did not show any quests on the map and nothing, go where you want and do it, leaned everything and niches of onvo, not quests , not the events that other players on Uyutub. The VITAS SLOW THE SHIETHING SHIETHING in the game, I kill everyone who could be my companion and this led to the breakdown of the scripts, but I just wanted to play as I want it, despite the fact that all the companions have been taking advantage of their benefits, and this is to me I don’t like it and I uh kill and take loot, clothes and armor are not bad as a bonus for the sake of them to get an external from them, in general there are a lot of bugs in the game, I will repair Tesley yet, the game is still in an early stage and not I got out of early access, just this early access can be eternal because they decided to release what is

What a fool you are)

But you are really a fool, I’m sorry

Everything that enters the Internet becomes public and is subject to independent criticism.

Buy three PC fans and there will be a record for you, but the game as a bvil is a complete tedious step -by -step

Do not tear, casual, embeddened on the gaming

For him, the game from the anniversary is not tedious. Plot games where you still need to think, not its horse.

Arguments will be or again for the thighs of yourself?

And why your VSYER, play minecraft collect diamonds, I don’t go to the Maina forums

What is the PIF PEF? There is a maximum "press x that wines".

1 million out of 8 billion people) continue to continue what is it what is this glued game)))

And what records are there for other projects you can’t tell?

Name at least a dozen more popular games with a lot of peak online, lol

clown? Or in your opinion, the peak online shows the number of sold copies of the game? And this is online without taking into account Gogh and for any pirate plays full people

Already 10 billions have long..

But nothing that only a small part of people plays in the games only 10-15% of 8 billion people?