Baldurs Gate 3 players will not receive early 72-hour access

Baldurs Gate 3 players will not receive early 72-hour access

On Steam, new information has been published that players who purchased early access will not be able to play 72 hours earlier, as early as it was stated.

It is also worth mentioning that multi -classes will be added in the game

Multi -Classification really changes the game – literally – because it allows you to fully configure the theme of the played character. This is both a role -playing game and a practical function leading to all kinds of chaotic combinations and experiments. You can multi -classify everything that is required for your role -playing game and create the desired.

In short, this means that warriors will be able to own secret spells, robbers will be able to master Divine magic, caster can try their hand at martial arts, and you will have freedom to create exactly the class that you want. At each level, you will have the opportunity to choose another class on which you will spend points and start creating an individual character.

A new craft function has appeared in Baldur’s Gate

Alchemy allows you to turn your collection of herbs, forest mushrooms, crystals and limbs of monsters into useful objects that you can cook before the battle. In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can use the ingredients found in the wild to create various extracts, and then combine extracts to create potions, poisons and oils to cover your weapons.

A new villain-scorch is revealed

Complete the trinity of villains in Baldur’s Gate 3 Orin, a master to cause pain and grandmaster of murders. Orin killed for many years, but has not yet been caught, partly due to her abilities to change the appearance that allow her to take the appearance of anyone-perhaps even someone from your camp. She hides her desire to commit a murder under these numerous masks, masking her intentions and herself to lure unusual victims. It is during the act of murder that she becomes herself. Orin is voiced by the incredible Maggie Robertson, known to many, as the voice of Lady Dimitress (Resident Evil Village

Love lines

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the developers wanted a romantic relationship to have the same complexity and depth. All relations that you build are different from each other, reflecting the individuality of this character throughout the game. Some can start with a wild transformation of the form, others begin to be carefully and require more attention to establish a deeper connection. What were you with your partner at the beginning of the game and at the end can be very different.

The path to intimacy also varies greatly for every relationship during the game. Such a satellite as Lae’zel, who radiates sexual energy at the beginning of the relationship, may take time that she can trust you, making the process of holding her hand even more intimate.

The sorrowful author of the story Bodler Welch:

It was important for us to portray sex as something more than a trophy for completing a partner task. In Baldur’s Gate 3, you are invited to manage your relationship – argue with your partner and challenge his image of thinking. In the end, if you just agree with what they want to do, you may be sacrificed "Sexual rite of the evil god", turn into a vampire or – the worst of all – you can even ultimately get married.

This also applies to your relationship with your Dazy – the character that you create at the beginning of the game and who personifies everything that you want. Dazi has changed significantly since you first encountered them in your dreams in early access.

We worked on the thematic deepening of this narrative thread, going beyond the scope of physical desire in order to cover the whole range of complex emotions that need to be controlled so that you can truly trust another. (We hope that you liked the previous one -in -aimed vague sentence, because you will have to play yourself to find out what all this means.)

Cooperative multiplayer with a separated screen

Players will share most of the information that the game provides for them, for example, with diary notes on current adventures, discoveries on mini-cards and alchemical recipes. The default players are common in the multiplayer, but there is an opportunity to block your equipment from your friends. Players are also divided by inspiration glasses that they receive when achieving the goals defined by the experience they have chosen. These points can be used to re -perform checks in the dialogue. In the multiplayer, you can listen to the conversations started by the other player, and vote for what version of the dialogue you want them to choose. However, some selected scenes by default are private in your settings, including romantic scenes. But players can make all secret scenes publicly available for their group if they wish.

Your actions and decisions will be captured in the newspaper in the gates of Baldur

Having reached the gates of Baldur, your choice will begin to appear around the world in other ways. Crowds of people in the city will systematically gossip and discuss your antics and failures, and you can even influence them if you directly make changes to the newspaper and print the most favorable headlines.

Become a dark desire, last of the presented game characters with your history

Unlike other Baldur’s Gate 3 game characters, a dark desire is a fully customizable character. If you prefer this darkness to take the appearance of the dwarf with the eyes of Lani, or you think that true evil is a semi -tide armed with Bongo, the choice is yours: from your class and species, to your gender and general appearance, and even your name. Then who is this dark desire? This is a good question, and the players will answer it themselves, going along this dark path. In the role of a dark desire, you start the game Baldur’s Gate 3 with a loss of memory after an unsuccessful meeting between a tadpolate parasite and your brain. Now everything that remains is an insatiable attraction – an attraction that makes itself felt in your subconscious, through your deepest thoughts and dialogue options.

Scheleritas Fel, voiced by Brian Bowls (storyteller in Divinity: Original Sin 2), leads the dark desire. A vile and faithful servant, Fel lives only in order to see how a dark desire returns to his legitimate, blood -tarnished path, and encourages the bad actions that you will encounter in the game. But whether you indulge in your most vicious impulses or are you trying to confront them in this role, it completely depends on you.

If you indulge your inner evil, then become stronger. But also more lonely. Some evil companions may remain, but "A real villain gets rid of competitors".

It seems that a dark desire can lose control of himself and commit something bloody outside the player control. A dark desire can even establish a romantic relationship, as with any other character of the original game.

Of course, relations with those who keep gloomy secrets are often difficult, and this will need a patient lover capable of modifying and curbing the most primitive and indomitable desires of their partner – and, I hope, one who has more than a passing interest in slavery.

Baldur’s Gate will be available on August 3 on PC and September 6 on PS5, versions for Xbox Series X | S are planned, but the exact date of release is still unknown.