Cycle: Frontier will officially cease to exist on September 27, 2023

Cycle: Frontier will officially cease to exist on September 27, 2023

Unfortunately, Yager, the developer of the shooter The Cycle: Frontier, announced on June 28, 2023 that the game will be officially closed on September 27, 2023. Despite the good launch and significant improvements from the moment of creation, the game could not become financially viable, which forced Yager to stop release The Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier was originally conceived as an affordable, free shooter with the possibility of production, in which the high level of the game would be combined with useful progress. The game experienced a successful start with two closed alpha and beta versions that brought worthy results, after which there was an official explosive release that attracted large streamers and a significant influx of players.

Today we are forced to tell you the sad news with heart weight. Despite all our efforts and significant improvements made to the game from the moment of launch and up to the release of the third season, The Cycle: Frontier, unfortunately, was financially non -viable. Therefore, no matter how sad, The Cycle: Frontier will cease to exist on September 27, 2023. Therefore, no matter how sad, The Cycle: Frontier will cease to exist on September 27, 2023. This decision was not easy for us, but after long discussions, we were forced to admit that this would be the best option for Yager.

After such an unexpected success, Yager was faced with a difficult struggle. Due to the popularity of the game, the developer was forced to expand the infrastructure, and the server capacities began to burst at the seams. However, the struggle to the mountain turned into a rocky slope when more and more cheaters appeared in the game. The measures taken to combat Chiters were insufficient, which negatively affected the basis of the players.

The second season The Cycle: Frontier could not revive the fading interest in the game, which led to a critical revision of its compliance with the original vision. Efforts were made to improve the availability of the game, which led to an increase in success indicators in the third season. However, these improvements were not enough to make the game financially stable.

Cycle: Frontier will officially cease to exist on September 27, 2023. Until that time, players will be able to enjoy the game with some changes, including the inability to spend money on the game, significant discounts on objects and free provision of the Fortuna Pass premium of the third season to each player.

Despite the bitter end of The Cycle: Frontier, Yager, optimism, appreciating the invaluable experience gained in the development of a large -scale online game. The developer expressed the intention to use the lessons of this enterprise in his future projects.

And the last, but no less important: Yager offers a refund to players who purchased The Cycle: Frontier within 14 days after the announcement. The Landscape of Shuters with prey is difficult for developers, and successful games such as Escape from Tarkov are more likely to be an exception than the rule.

Analogue and the next "Tarkov killer", How IXBT advertised it. Which, according to their words, was better than the original in everything. The result is sad, but alas, predictable.

Well, these clowns (ixbt) of course have no longer crap Piara such a shit. However, they don’t get used to

Lohokhia. Make even more soulless dull online shooters effective managers, there are so few of them

It is time for the yager to stop to be ill and return to what turned out well – projects like Spec Ops The Line

I doubt very much that after the blue they will give them money for something new. All of their game failed in sales.

Well, the screenwriter wrote this about the lack of continuation:

"Because Its a Brutal, Painful Development & EVERYONE WHO WORKED ON WOLD EAT BROKEN GLASS BeFore MAKING Another. ALSO IT DIDN’T SELL."

I’ll add from myself that this is a completely complete work (and completed regardless of the ending) with a self -sufficient plot.

So I did not ask for a sequel

But if under a Sotl project you mean something anti-war, with a bunch of tin and shocking plot turns, then this is almost the same.And the developers do not want this.And the point is not only in bad sales, but also that when developing another such game, they would have to view the reference material with a far from the most pleasant eye content.

dude, maybe enough for me to think of some gag? I want normal games from them, with a plot, not online bullshit.

Guys from Yager, purely a purely sorry. They had very good Yager (we have a winged hunter) and Spec Ops The Line. In addition, Yager at that time gave out simply an amazing picture with wonderful water and lighting, and it was optimized amazing. Well, Specops are still remembered with warmth.

Aaaaa! How so?
But they do not want the server to put in general access? Well, to raise your server for yourself and drive there, at least like in PV.

PPC, in some centuries the game came in – they close it again.

2 and 2x. At first, Heroes of the Storm surrendered, now the frontier. What a bad luck?? 🙁

had the potential to become a successful shooter, but could not cope with financial difficulties)

The paid YouTube did not help

dull game mode is strange that it hasn’t closed before

But the pitch is exclusive.

I read comments . Owls, you were told that they could not cope with the influx of cheaters, and they coped with another with another. But financially, this game needs to live at least 2 years. And to introduce anti -shacks, or make it paid, then there would be an audience, and not bad! It is a pity that they close such a project, he really brought a bunch of emotions, and exciting battles! And yes it could destroy the Tark and Pabg! But what always, always is not according to plan

Tarkov this craft would never have been able to surpass

It would be better to leave the old The Cycle, the game had its own chip, and this stupid "Revork" Could close it right away.

I decided to try it a couple of weeks ago (I played Tarkov from 5 hundred hours – I like the concept of the game), I went through the training first raid, I got into the hub to play further on the quest – talk with the bartender and get the starting equipment and play, but in reality what is I wouldn’t do it, I could not talk to him, I was looking for a solution to this problem in Google – nothing, spent another 30 minutes on different manipulations and deleted it.

So the good game only ruined the cheaters

Damn tin how sorry. I spent not a little time on it, I really liked it and assumed that I would play it somehow, but I abandoned it because of my studies, and as I decided to play, I learned this regrettable news. I don’t know how the rest is, but the game dragged me out and really liked me. Unpleasant of course. Can someone recommend something like a similarity, and it is better right in fact exactly the same

Taste and color – different felt -tip pens. I remember someone said they say the next Pabga killer or something else came out. Yeees. The next killer of Batlakkordon – deteriorated.Bring the new one.

Once one of my friends at work said, it is difficult to quit the online game that you play a long time ago, which causes you good or not so – emotions.Possibly frequent shocking of the ass.

I have been playing one such online for a long time. Ilnya.PUBG is called.For many reasons, I do not like her, but there are those that encourage me to play further. Like some other players, after the introduction of bots and dividing the Ranked and the usual, Ranked with his long selection, Solo against all squads and squads, after the possibility of choosing cards – I, like some other players, go to play only TDM AKA Defmatian.If not for him, he would have demolished it for a long time and forgot this garbage. Yes, there, too, the selection of players often run out, once or fierce cybercotlets come across in the enemy team or in their team, there are ordinary, normal players and there are those who literally play for the victory of the enemy team – making a couple of storage and gluing flippers 15-20 times, 15-20 times..Infuriates that in TDM, defmatche was removed part of the cards.There are six cards and that’s it.And there were more pieces of six cards. the better the usual all modes? You do not waste time running on a large map in search of Luta and opponents, you will not die so stupidly from the explosors, radar, campers and other radishes.maximum gameplay and shooting in a short period of time. plus Freedia to some extent untied the hands of the cheaters.Although they were not very banned.So. to whom the complaints are massively thrown at the ban for a day. will they live with it.The most insolent cheaters who steam hard, well, they can ban forever.But what prevents them from registering a new account. Pfff.

Why am I all that.There were a lot of competitors at the time of the release of the game.Maybe.

It is possible that the gameplay component is not enough fascinating for attracting new players and holding the old?Maybe.What about the marketing component?A deficiency of marketing and advertising department is possible?Of course possible.

It is possible to change the main principles of the gameplay component.Why not make a good old cake in a new skin?With hard chubil.Make good meat music, create small cards, different, different topics.The trunks should be felt, deliciously grunt with lead, they should not be wooden.Encourages, free, worked out, interesting skins.And the people will break.

The more I look at the games that come out, the more I feel like an old grandfather on a bench that grunts "It used to be better, before it was more fun".Well, I do not like these swarming-acardone components of hungry games.I do not like the collection of any resource calla.Chiters, I don’t like Macrosnikov.I don’t like running on big empty cards.

That’s modest, no one needs an opinion.Thank you for your attention who read.