During the stress test Mortal Kombat 1, players found serious problems in the game

During the stress test Mortal Kombat 1, players found serious problems in the game

This weekend developers from the Netherrealm studio conducted closed testing Mortal Kombat 1, which allowed some players to try out the network mode long before the release of the project. According to the results of the trial period, many enthusiastic reviews about the new part of the famous playing series appeared on the Web. The players praised the design of the characters, the entertainment of visual effects and innovations in the combat system, but there were no criticism.

Professional players in Mortal Kombat have found quite serious problems in the new game. Basically, their criticism boils down to the fact that in Netherrealm they miscalculated with the movements of the characters. The disadvantage of the new fighting game is that some actions of the fighters are too slow, while the others are too fast. This imbalance seems insignificant, but in reality sometimes does not allow even the simplest combinations of techniques. The jerk of characters, which many considered ineffective. According to users, if you can’t fix it, in the fighting wing will dominate the character with long -range attacks.

Mortal Kombat 1 gameplay from a stress test:

In some cases, some technical problems of Mortal Kombat 1 are also noted, but they can be safely written off on the early build of the game. The developers have a few more months in stock to polish fighting and listen to the reviews of the players.

The release of Mortal Kombat 1 will be held on September 19 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

All this is fixable, but what, as always, they will not correct, is the balance. Already on the test a strong imbalance among all characters and cameo, and what will happen when the full Roster will roll out. MK never changes in this regard.

And you managed to get to a stress test?

And he will be a complete Roster? 24 Persians is as if.

Let these 24 at least somehow try to get a bless.

Is there something wrong? Or it is not noticeable that the Sab Tyr 1 of the four characters presented with their masts, and Kitan of all the garbage. Camo, nonsense imbas of the sava cano, Sonya can take purely for the combo, and no one took Jax, it is not clear why he is at all, zero Profit. And now we will imagine the whole Roster, as always 2-3 Persians and the shooting galleries and all the others, only now with Camoo, there will be no balance as always and is close. MK every time a new game, new Persians, new blows, combo and mechanics, such a thing must be balanced for many years, this is not a teiken from the spinal where the balance has been shared for many years, since all parts are almost the same in structure.

Firstly, it is interesting what kind of term this term is in fighting "Masap". Secondly, MK 11 The most balanced fighting game of all in general, why is it boring to look at it actually. In third sections, I also did not shine with a strong balance, and the structure of these games just never changing only the so -called upgrades made almost changing. Even in the old SFIs, the same norms are that now, albeit slightly modified. While in MK, the outburst are not afraid to experiment and shift absolutely everything. Yes, the game is not devoid of flaws, there are still bastard FB, slow pace. But I have more hopes t to. Ed Bun said that he would support the new MK much longer, better and everything is in this spirit.

It so happened that the real "Stress test" for players begins after the game has already been released on the market.

That’s what a stress test to get information about the game error. I think this will be quickly corrected, but what can not be corrected by this balance, a cameo that break the game especially Camoo Kano. Imagine the fight, imagine you fight with the enemy and he has Camo Kano in the end, he makes a combo or hasten who is punished on the block and immediately sails Camo and you tried to punish him for Anseif as a result, he saved up Camo and continues his pressure and so you can do it before Infinity. This is the most broken mechanics in the game and removed a lot of useful features. Quickhopes with other straw short jump that allowed the enemy sitting in the block, it was just possible to make a naked quickhop without a blow and make a throw or a series. Very useful function and interesting. Wekaps, rolls and so on were also removed well, or they will add them in the release version, I definitely think they should be present. They removed interactive objects to be made on a separate button) The feeling that MK1 degraded by mechanics. So far, I don’t see the pluses in the game, and it doesn’t attract as much as I would like, you take the game for 6-8k and get a cut version of MK 11 + graphone Indzhasis 2 and the old Cabbage mechanics that was in MK 11 and replaces battles 2 by 2. For me, 2 to 2 would be more fun than broken cameo. OK to the graph, you can get used to but what to do when people will be Seeding Camo during the processing? You are in the block, you want to punish the enemy for a mistake as a result, the canbol and the Seit Chela arrives and you do not want to get additional damage from Camo and sit further in the block as a result of the person continues to draw you and one mix and you fly away by 400 damage) and how is it like This will be felled by melodies. For me, this is how MK1 will be boring more than the previous MK. You work there 20 cameo and learn all the spells and then what? Then you will go to onley to fight for the pereplass of the skin to the battalion commander.

There, Kityanka’s 100% combo found which is made with two blows. You start with it and end with the usual combo and the crolay in online do not even buy Abuz.