EA Sports and Codemasters presented a new gameplay trailer for F1 23

EA Sports and Codemasters presented a new gameplay trailer for F1 23

The publisher of EA Sports and the developer of Codemasters released a new video for F1 23, representing a comprehensive detailed immersion in the game process of the upcoming racing game. Video, which is only the first episode of deep immersion in F1 23, you can watch below.

The video tells about many new capabilities of the gameplay F1 23, including new management physics, new controller capabilities, a new function "Red flag" and adding two new tracks to the game.

Changes in the physical model F1 23 mean that players will feel the difference in driving their cars in three key areas: acceleration, braking and turning. When developing a new control model for the game, the studio used reviews of real F1 racers, such as Anthony Davidson.

Players using conventional controllers for F1 23 will be able to use the new Precision Drive Technology technology, which allows players to calibrate and change the settings to influence the car control in incredibly thin details. It also includes the ability to change the degree of feedback that players will feel through the vibration of the controller.

Players can also use the new 35% Race Distance function so that the races pass for less time, but the key aspects of realism are preserved with which the franchise is famous. This allows players to reduce the duration of racing from real 44-78 circles to a more convenient and quick number of circles.

The red flag system, which appeared in F1 23, monitors the state of the route to determine whether the virtual security car, a full -fledged security car or red flag need. The sensitivity of the new function can be adjusted in the game settings.

Red flags can be caused by various reasons, for example, fragments on the highway, stopping cars on the highway or extreme weather conditions. The video notes that although red flags can be caused by machines with artificial intelligence, the frequency of the appearance of red flags will be higher in multi -user races.

Finally, the video reports that the game will appear in the game Las Vegas and Qatar, and even real Formula-1 riders will experience themselves on the highway in Las Vegas. Favorite the fans of the highway, such as Shanghai and Paul Rikar, will also return to F1 23.

At the end of the video, it is reported that the second episode of a series of videos of deep immersion will be released on May 19.

F1 23 will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S June 16. Requirements for PC can be viewed here. The version of the game for PS5 will not support PSVR2.