Empress hacker is preparing to launch Starfield and plans to make a modification with DLSS support

Empress hacker is preparing to launch Starfield and plans to make a modification with DLSS support

The odious hacker Empress said that she was preparing for the release of Starfield. She stated that she plans to devote a lot of time to the game and go along with paid subscribers of her channel.

She was tired of insults and decided to open a paid "Empress cult" – Those who wish will need to pay a contribution of $ 100, and then pay monthly 50 dollars. With paid subscribers, she plans to go through games and jointly develop mods. Also among these fans, different competitions will be organized

The hacker also promised to create a modification that will add to the game support for the technology of scaling the image of NVIDIA DLSS.

Starfield is released on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, and Premium Edition owners will be able to start playing on September 1. By the way, the game can be won on our website, and you can find out about how to get more bonuses here.

It remains only to sew and sell your defense to the broken games than the publisher

Silent! Don’t throw them ideas. They now use it for any once!

And access strictly by subscription in the patreon!

Great move to put it for exactly 50 years.

She already collected a group in which $ 1000 for the entry, where she was going to tell everyone about the meaning of life.

Now also a paid stream-cult-modmaker Club collects.

To whom the cringa, if you please under the spoiler:

I am still haunted by countless people, both in my sect and in my piano group, and I have a message for all of them:

Listen to yourself, a miserable lonely mr*zy, you should turn your obsession with me to the sh *** y who gave birth to you because it is with ** a, once gave birth to such a loser in this world as you.

You are all a bunch of useless from*to life, and I am sincerely sorry for your miserable empty lives. The next time I see such losers of the la Lifers, you will not get any kindness or mercy from me. I hope that my words are clear, I’m tired of your "OBSESSION" On me, you, Deb*Lies, patients with a mental disorder, need urgent medical treatment.

Both boys and girls, you all cannot stop pursuing me, and I’m tired of giving you more chances. Stop writing and begging me and my moderators to return, stop invading my piano group. – The only thing you get from it is a pleasant "middle finger". I do not want you to have a smelly existence next to me in my sect, and I do not want you to listen to my sessions Live-Piano.

So from this moment everyone who wants to stay in my sect will have to pay monthly contributions. This means that if you are a devil stalker, then you will have to pay like a worthless pig only in order to be allowed to stay, and in this case you can stay as much as you want, while I pump out money from you as from a miserable slave.

– Otherwise, you will leave.

Prices for my sect services:

Introductive contribution: $ 100

Monthly contribution: $ 50

All current members who will not pay monthly contributions will be destroyed – starting with you.

Now let’s move on to the most important.

Since Starfield is almost ready, I will devote myself to him completely, and I will play it exclusively with my most expensive members of the cult, daily.

We will hold many events for this game, here is their list:

1-play together and share progress together.

2-listening music for living piano sessions.

3-competition of game screenshots.

4-competitions of cinematic videos.

5 – Games and events in the field of artificial intelligence.

6-employment of stories/experience.

7-group modding for playing in a special exclusive room.

PS: I can even add my own to the game "NVIDIA DLSS" and many other technological aspects, and all this is only for members of my cult. For everyone else – go to ### yourself, you have in vain spent your chances, scum.

#1 payment system of sect.

I made a payment system for my sect for the only reason – to prevent the opportunity "lifeless" preoccupied pi *** am to get closer to me. They are simply obsessed with me and they have nothing more to do in their miserable life, except to pursue me at every step. literally miserable g*sniff.

I’m sorry that you are so worthless in life and you have only ugly friends/wives. BUT -> Contact this, losers.

The payment that I spoke about above is made only for entry into my cult. This has nothing to do with my problems.

Entry into my cult gives you the opportunity to be close to "ME", the smartest woman on earth + many advantages, such as:

-Free daily dozens of my arts created with the help of my magnificent and personally trained AI model.

-My own Live-Piano sessions.

-Philosophy and teachings about life and all aspects of the universe.

-Countless funny puzzles/role -playing games/Cartoons/Films.

But my cracks will always be clean, free and completely public, they are not connected with my cult in any case.