Fights in Alone in the Dark are “hard and intense”, but the main attention is paid to the study and puzzles

Fights in Alone in the Dark are “hard and intense”, but the main attention is paid to the study and puzzles

The horror genre flourishes again, and ThQ Nordic saw this a great opportunity to revive one of the very first genre hits – Alone in the Dark. The upcoming rethinking of the plot of the original game promises to create the main image of a horror that will like the fans of the genre, but how exactly this will be embodied in the gameplay?

In a recent interview, the assistant to the producer of ThQ Nordic Andreas Schmiedecker said that Alone in the Dark will strive for "uniform distribution between the classic components of the horror" – fight, research, puzzles and plot. Among them, however, "Light slope towards research and puzzle", And the fighting, according to Schmidecker, though "are not the main direction of the game", Still will be "Tough and intense".

If we talk specifically about the study and puzzles, then, according to Schmeidecker, the players will be set tasks "Explore Derguto, get acquainted with its inhabitants, find keys and tips, gain access to previously inaccessible places". At the same time, those who want the game not to represent special difficulties in this regard will be able to get additional assistance.

We believe that the aspect "haunted houses" – This is one of the main components of what Alone in the Dark does interesting and special. Therefore, the study of derceto, acquaintance with its inhabitants, the search for keys and tips, as well as gaining access to previously inaccessible places will play a significant role in the game. The passage of research and various puzzles without outside help will require certain patience, as well as readiness for nonlinear thinking and searching for your own path along the mansion. Many players will like this, but we do not want this to become a restriction for players who like to go through the game faster. That is why we offer additional assistance in solving puzzles and navigation – it depends on how much information you will find on the map, how many tips you will get to solve the puzzle and how easy it is to find the points of interaction.

During the interview, Schmeidecker also said that passing Alone in the Dark for one hero will take 6-10 hours, and that 60 FPS performance mode will be available at the start in the game. And also said that ThQ Nordic is sure of "The long -term perspective of the franchise" And it will be ready to release several more parts if the upcoming game is well accepted.