Final Fantasy 16 developers talk about a new game+ and complexity modes

Final Fantasy 16 developers talk about a new game+ and complexity modes

Final Fantasy 16 quite a big game. Passing the plot can take from 35 to 40 hours, and with side content – up to 70 hours. However, the game also has a new game+, in which, according to the developers, there will be new battles and changes in the arrangement of enemies.

In an interview with Game Informer, the creative director of Hiroshi Takai and the director of the combat system Riot Suzuki talked more about the new game+. They said that it is available for Story and Action Mode, but two more difficulties will be available in the future: Final Fantasy Mode and Ultimaniac. In the first case, the complexity rises, the location of the monsters changes, and the types of enemies "Remix".

The main design philosophy is that the first passage of the game is the study of Clive, the development of management, and then enjoying the plot. In the second passage, we want to switch attention – since the plot has not changed – to action.

For example, in Story Mode mode, although players may encounter enemies waves, in many cases enemies do not attack at the same time so that players can cope with everyone. In more complex game modes, we removed these restrictions, so that Klyve is simultaneously attacking many enemies.

What we did with the regime of [Final Fantasy] was given to players who control Kliva, the feeling that they are always in danger, that death is not far off, and that you need to be very, very careful to cope with the tasks.

If you interact with a stone in a shelter in Final Fantasy Mode in "New game+", You can go through stages of the same complexity in Arcade Mode mode. However, there is also the Ultimaniac Mode mode – an even more complex mode.

[These modes] were created exclusively for hardcore players, those players who are proud of their skills in action games. [This is] a challenge that will even be very difficult for them to pass.

There is no reward for this – it’s just for boasting.

Even if you pass "New game+", You can improve weapons and accessories (although the latter is possible only in Final Fantasy Mode). You can also get access to Chronolith Trit (or Final Chronolith Trials in Final Fantasy Mode) – the most difficult tests.

Tests are based on time and consist of several stages with several rounds of enemies, starting with ordinary waves, the complexity of which increases, and ending with the boss. You can use various techniques and combo, completing tasks to increase time. However, the game has no way to treat.

Since they are based on eicons, there should be at least nine (they are unlocked by access stones like a stone of ARETU). One of them – "Fire test", based on Phoenix, which opens access to the abilities of only this Aikon.