For The Day Before, the second update was released, in which the performance is improved

For The Day Before, the second update was released, in which the performance is improved

FNTastic studio has released the second hotfix for The Day Before. Patch 1.0.2 should improve the performance of the game and network code (although many players continue to complain about optimization), increases the incidence of infected ones, eliminates duplication of objects and improves shooting in TPP and FPP modes.

Of course, more changes – you can familiarize yourself with the full list below:

  • Improved game performance and network code
  • Improved mechanics of spavna infected to increase the chance to meet them in the world
  • Improved shooting from the first and third person
  • The remuneration has been increased for tasks from 1000 to 5000 woodcoins
  • The number of cartridges that can be found from the dead infected
  • Added the possibility of changing the keys for tilt the character to the left and right
  • Fixed various methods of duplication of objects
  • A mistake was eliminated, due to which the sound of anxiety could play for an indefinitely long time
  • Fixed a mistake due to which one of the backpacks could disappear when changing backpacks
  • Fixed the impossibility of the appearance of Leonard in the room after the transition to the main menu from the tutorial, if the current goal of the quest has already left the room
  • Fixed a bug due to which the GPS card control was carried out not the same buttons as the control of the character
  • Small corrections in the storage to prevent the loss of objects
  • Small corrections to prevent spavna outside Leonard’s room
  • Small corrections in the resolution settings
  • Small improvements sound -painful corrections of localization

What changes can we expect in the future? For example, players hope to support ultrashiro -ethnic monitors and that the infected people will become more complex opponents.

Now on Steam, The Day Before is only 18% of positive reviews. Players criticize the game for various, often ridiculous mistakes, problems with servers and, in general, for a low level of performance. Many of them say that they have already returned the game. At the same time, the number of active players fell to 10 thousand.