Gamesvoice has released a new diary of Russian localization Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Gamesvoice has released a new diary of Russian localization Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Gamesvoice voice acting studio released a fresh video day dedicated to the English localization of the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. In this video day, the studio interviewed two actresses-Maria Fortunatova (Knight-Jedi Cere Janda) and Lina Ivanova (sister of the night Merrin).

The fundraising for localization was successfully completed, but there is still no release date.

Work is not even a lake, but a whole ocean, but with your support we will definitely cope with everything!

The main thing is not to gain dozens of projects, otherwise we will wait several years

Well, what, you sit in the studio, you work, but you want not, you wanted to take a walk, take a walk. And if the money ends, then you write a post that there are few donates, and the project is in place.

Just think, you need to work and release the finished product.

And they will work for your bread for bread)

What are you carrying? They are given money – they produce the product. So far, they only give them money and nothing happens.

Next year they give birth

At first they said so, yes, but then they said once that at the end of July they would try. And then they scored games for the translation, Alyonka smashed, she began to cry due to her voice in her voice of porn..

Comments must be read. At the end of July, they will try to record all the remarks, and not to do all the work and put it into the release.
And let Alyonka read the contracts more carefully next time.

As I understand it, about Hogwarts in the summer it was about 24 years old?

Where did infa about summer come from? They talked about the end of the year from the very beginning.

Well, they said somewhere that they hope to finish by the end of summer. Here the people caught on this.

Yes, they didn’t say anywhere, I looked right right now, so as not to stop, it was just the recording of the replica in the summer already made, only the record. I apparently believed too much in the commentators, and caught on their words, here is a Sororyamba, my jamb.

you see while the ocean is crossed there and Denuva will be broken

In general, everything is clear, we are waiting for a couple more years)

Yes, why, next year spring-summer

Wait, just don’t pull.

And for this game there are no problems for their voice acting English. For a cyberpunk, additions they cannot.

Apparently this game was given permission

Do not write nonsense. On Cyberpunk, all actors of the original are current agreements with CDPR.

In Christianity there are no shadows, eat only light in the lady in the Christian faith, the detrimental shadows are very well described by sins in the Christian faith, it is written that it would be necessary to defeat sin to begin with a sin to realize that pernicious action that a person has recently performed on the network alone The perplexed person who could not read with meaning tried to prove that the church only for sinners in the Christian faith and the Bible clearly says that the Church visits many people not sins, but come without sins to ask the Lord not for themselves, but ask other people not only to relatives and acquaintances

At the end of such news, it’s time to add a phrase: voice acting will be released in the 21st century.

Cool, but they do not think to release English localization?

The collection ended 2 weeks ago. It doesn’t bother you?

And the resolution was asked for the developer? Or maybe they are against!

Is it really so difficult to translate text and voice acting? It took them 1.8 million.rub. to transfer, where is this money? All for salary.

All money went to Alyonka)

30 hours of speech. This is about 300 hours of sound recording with hourly payment to actors.

Since when is this nature of the work is paid by the hour?

And I doubt that professional actors, even along with the processing of the track, will spend 1 hour of speech – 10 hours. And they say everywhere and everywhere that they have on the main roles all the pros and therefore such prices.

At the end of May they said that the Hogwartz was already ready 90%. And now they pull the rubber. They also crap with Saiber, wanted to get into the voice acting and cut down the denyak again, and there they already saw the voice acting from the edges. On the background of this Obser, it was necessary to release any kind of large project that would block the entire negative that began due to the voice acting of the Saiberpan, it was necessary to release Hogwarts or at least announce the date of the release and preferably ambulance, and they released the diary on the Jedi.

If at the stage of Hogwarts and the collection on the Jedi they everything was fine in their comments, now there is one negative. With such conducting activities, they will turn away all the benevolers from themselves. It’s a shame if it turns out, I really like their voice acting.