In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, one of the main villains from the first game will return

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, one of the main villains from the first game will return

Marvel’s Spider -Man 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the year that develops on the basis of the first two games from the Insomniac Games. The first games showed that the developers are able to combine a pleasant gameplay, allowing to feel like a spider-man, with a rich and exciting plot. It seems that there will be many interesting ideas in the sequel: new turns of familiar stories, a new view of characters and much more.

Earlier today we got a new idea of ​​Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 thanks to the plot trailer debuting on the San Diego Comic-Con. In addition, a special panel was organized, on which the actors and developers talked about the plot of the game.

One of the surprises, which, perhaps, missed some fans, was the return of Martin Li, known as Mr. Negativ. This character was one of the main villains in the first game and helped to lead the operation to destroy New York. Whether he was responsible for the terrorist attack at the ceremony, as a result of which the father of Miles died. It seems that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be a continuation of this story, since Miles could not meet face with Martin Lee, and he will have a direct collision with him. It is not yet clear what role Martin will play in the game, but judging by the trailer, at some point he may leave prison.

Naji Jeter, voicing Milesa Morales, talked a little about how the character experiences the death of his father at the hands of Mr. Negative:

Return to Martin Lee is very important. I didn’t think we would return to this. It was a kind of surprise.

So far, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looks quite worthy. At the presentation, we also learned that John Jamson will return and will lead the Daily Bugle newspaper, in which Mary Jane works. Thus, it seems that the game will be saturated with the main characters of Spider-Man. In conclusion, a limited PS5 series and a controller dedicated to the game was presented to Comic-Con.