Large -scale Rise of the Dark Fog for Dyson Sphere Program will be released in December

Large -scale Rise of the Dark Fog for Dyson Sphere Program will be released in December

If you have long been waiting for updating the combat system in the game Dyson Sphere Program, which would revive your efforts to build factories, then you are lucky. The developer of YouthCat Studio and the publisher of Gamera Games reported that in the December update of the game called Rise of the Darkfog, just such a system will be added.

Previous updates added to the game such opportunities as mode "sandboxes", New types of systems and drawings, but Rise of the Darkfog is more ominous and significantly increases bets. Now you will have to build defensive towers to protect yourself from dark fog (Darkfog), which floods your factories, especially as you progress and become more and more technologically developed.

To protect against enemies, you will not only get access to defensive structures, but you can build a planetary shield that will repel the attacks of the Gunrider fleet, trying to attack you from a great distance.

In the Rise of the Darkfog update to Dyson Sphere Program, new models of damage to the buildings after the battle will also appear, which will clearly see that it is necessary to fix it.

The new Auto-Rebuild system will allow you not to run around the locations and not to repair everything manually, but to entrust it to drones that will automatically restore destroyed buildings.

Looking in 2024, Youthcat plans to introduce a space fighting system in Dyson Sphere Program, which allows you to fight a dark fog.

In subsequent updates to the game will be added "Super -powerful weapons", what sounds pretty impressive. It is hoped that with the help of this weapon you cannot accidentally destroy all your objects.

Dyson Sphere Program is a scientific and fantastic factory management simulator in which you have to build and automate factories as a procedural universe.

The game is available on PC via Steam now. The release date has not yet been announced, but Rise of the Darkfog will appear in December.