More than 1 million copies of The Outlast Trita sold

More than 1 million copies of The Outlast Trita sold

The Outlast Trials sold more than 1 million copies, said the co -founder of the studio Philip Morin in an interview.

The last part of the famous Outlast horror series was in early access to Steam a couple of months ago, indicating a new direction of development of the series. While the two previous Outlast games were the traditional one -user horror from the first person, The Outlast Tritels first switched the formula to the cooperative multiplayer regime.

“Yes, we actually reached 1 million units on a PC. It’s amazing. I’ve never worked on the game for so long. In fact, this is the longest period after Outlast 2, the creation of which took three years, ”said Morin. – There were many ups and falls during production. Obviously, the pandemic had a fairly great influence “.

Outlast Tials has been in active development for more than five years, and the first teaser of the game was presented at the end of 2019. After a successful release in the early access, the Red Barrels team focused on the release of new content for the game.

“We are in good shape. We just need to create a damn ton of content, ”Maorin said bluntly. Despite the fact that in recent years, Red Barrel has increased in size, they are still quite small compared to first-class developers, so the creation of content for a multiplayer game is a “many”. The basics of the game are durable, and it exists in the world. In fact, we are talking about adding turns and surprises in order to maintain experience as fresh as possible from once to another.

Reports for 2018 show that at that time more than 15 million units of the series between Outlast and Outlast 2 were sold. The last game in the series was sold in more than a million in just two months from the date of its launch in early access.

The Outlast Trials remains in early access and is currently not a full release date, the game is available only on PC.