NBA 2K24 managed to get around Overwatch 2 and became the worst game in Steam

NBA 2K24 managed to get around Overwatch 2 and became the worst game in Steam

NBA 2K24 is the last part of the famous basketball franchise from the publisher 2K. The game was released on sale on September 8, but it was not accepted as well as I would like 2k.

After an unsuccessful release, the NBA 2K24 was widely criticized, becoming a second game with the worst rating on the Steam platform. However, the outrage of Steam users did not end there.

Now NBA 2K24 – Game with the worst rating on Steam.

Until recently, Overwatch 2 took the position of the game with the worst reviews on Steam. The game was released on the platform last month, but received many negative reviews.

However, according to Steam250, the NBA2K24 game was replaced by Overwatch in the list for first place. At the moment, only 10% of 4853 user reviews are positive, while negative reviews in Steam are more than 90%.

Criticism of the game varies from complaints about cheaters to the absence of a cross-game in key modes, etc.D. The NBA 2K24 version for PC is also based on the outdated version of the game of the past generation.

This exacerbates the growing discontent from the NBA community, and the price of $ 60. from 2k does not help to solve this problem. In addition, the version for the PC does not include such important new functions as Proplay.

This is because the PC version of the game is worse than its analogues for the consoles of the current generation. Steam is a home for millions of users, but it seems that 2K does not give this platform special value.

While sports games are mostly released on consoles, such studios as EA have recently achieved success in creating sports games on PC.

Unlike NBA 2K24, FIFA 23 has the same set of functions on both the PC and the latest consoles of the current generation, which led to even greater disappointment of fans of the basketball franchise.

After such a reception, the NBA 2K24 could not gain an impressive number of players in Steam.

Online peak amounted to less than 12 thousand. simultaneous players, while a few months ago her predecessor totaled more than 59 thousand. Simultaneous players.

In 2023, the game industry chose the wrong nomination for which it is worth fighting . But the struggle is epic.

It would seem that with Overwatch 2 the game industry reached the bottom, but then the NBA 2K24 knocked on below

In fact, FIFA can also knock there, and other sports simulators that have not changed for decades.

Few people can tell about overturn. Flash mob stani anal yes "Yyyyyy skins made paid". There is nothing more to say, just to fry something and slap dies with a blunt comment without constructive. As played and played, and he has no alternatives. But from this game about basketball, screenshots

But there is nothing to change there, this also needs to be understood. but you need to milk people constantly) I bought a hobox first of all because of NHL. Played, pose pushed, Kaifovo of course. I missed last year’s later, and right now the NHL24 comes out and I even have a ZhZ, whether it is worth taking, because the changes are at least in fact) on the other hand – even next year there will be the same minimum, and my 22nd will also vigorously play. But I play mainly solo, not on the Internet. It’s not mine to get up with combinations, you want a relaxation) those who need it online – they are forced to buy a new part, because everyone rises there. The players buried themselves, alas.

I’ll tell you from the perspective of a player who spent 3 years in the first overwatch. This is not the opinion of the wide masses, but exclusively my.
What I liked in the first overtec? This is of course
1) Game 6×6, it was a fundamental factor that brought me to the game.
2) a gameplay that relied on 1 point.
What I did not like in the first ovever
1) This is a very closed and privileged professional league. This is not a bunker or a COP with open qualifications. All official broadcasts, broadcasts about players, and so on are built on sterility. The whole game is sterile and there is nothing human, alive within the official formats.
Due to the fact that there is no competition, official streams were broadcast almost in 480 quality that cannot be watched. Many colors, nothing is clear, everything is lubricated.
So, about the scene even disappears as the fact that you can follow it comfortable. It becomes a pharma.
Events for the holidays – every year the same thing, Luciooo Booool.
The fight against cheaters was no, there were a lot of them. The whole fight against them is a support for reports.
And then we are talking about reports – you will be blocked, they are getting off something else just for the number of reports. There is no justice in them and could not be. You can write something in English in a chat from a format "Hello sweet cakes". Pick 5 reports for English and fly off into a mut for 14 days. – not every game and this is like an example. Such punishments act everywhere. Even if you play poorly, they will be recorded and bath. This practice has become massive in overwhelming 2 by the way.
The most important thing is why I sold the account already overshotch 2.
They removed my favorite 6×6 format and everything that they promised to me in overteca when we sat without content for the past 5 years, we simply did not fulfill in overteca 2. None of the promises have been achieved.
PVU is not. New cards a couple of pieces. funny. There was a statement almost 10.
Yes, after a couple of years they are already adding something. But the release of Overvotch 2 was from the format – it is an overtuba, but 5×5 and that’s it. T.E was nothing new at all.
I honestly played the season, bought a battles pass. After the PVE season, it did not appear, there were no cards. Half of the cards were cut out of the first overwhelming, half of the modes from the arcades were cut out.
The cancer tumor of the blizzard is that they declare and do not fulfill their promises. It’s like a family relationship. If 1 liar and lazy shit, the second person does not want to pull everything on himself – to come up with the content of which is not, in this case.
About the community separate topic. Since 2012 I have been playing Dota, even earlier in the CS.
Community overwhelming and games above is the sky and earth. Overvotch is one of the most toxic community that I only met. These are soy chSV children with a claim for intellect and Virshas about their own life. And children in this case, this is the level of psychological development of people.

Plus I am a rather conservative person, although I think that gray morality is closer to me. But even with such a loyal attitude, I can not tolerate the policy of their games, their broadcasts, those players who play this game.
This is a summons, these are all the current Twitter trends, these are templates, stamps and tags that have no actual background with my real life.
If you tell me that the most vile person is a toxic fascist, I do not agree.
The most vile people are liberals and tolerasts when they come across their comfort zone. And no, I have nothing against liberalism or tolerance. I am against the intellectual degradation of which is inherent in the absolute majority of the players of this game. It could not be otherwise. When, on the official broadcasts of the damn clowning, where the presenter is afraid of the word to say. Clown to take away from a professional player all the merits for the wrongly said word. Clowning banks for English in chat.
It’s all chaotic and individually. I do not claim the truth, which everyone has their own experience. I am an adult who chooses what he likes and what is not.
In this case, Overwotch 2 ceased to be overwhelmed that I loved in 2017.

Previously, the games fought for the title of game of the year, now on the contrary. Anti-game of the year.

Blinds are probably dancing now. Not the last! Still afloat.

Well, at least some achievement of the game

Return mine to me 1.750.000 thousand. I changed my mind.

It would be better to like Mordall Combat, released new games every five years. I don’t understand these games a year in the title that they are getting worse over time

how else to milk players?

specifically on the PC they give the same version, and the console with another engine and they are very different every time

Great conclusion taken from the air. Thank you

So on the PC is a really dull pasten version, and on the consoles the engine has already been updated a couple of times and there they improve graphics and gameplay, and the differences are more like a mod. Although it makes no sense for you to answer, since you are from swamp

Well, you know better. You conducted a detailed technical examination of the engine and graphics to draw such a conclusion. You can’t just carry a gag. Oh well, some kind of nonsense

Book lovers are indignant.

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