On VK Play, the free distribution of the Craft the World strategies has begun

On VK Play, the free distribution of the Craft the World strategies has begun

From August 29 to August 31 on the VK Play game platform, you can get a strategy for free Craft the World. To do this, you need to register on the site and click the “Install” button on the game page in the catalog.

The game is a mixture of Terraria and Dwarf Fortress, but less hardcore. It is rightfully considered one of the best indie survivals and not only in UK. Until now, the game has a fan base, riveting fashion – on the Internet you can safely find and try. We safely recommend this game, it must come in to everyone and everyone.

Explore randomly generated worlds inhabited by dangerous creatures, build a reliable fortress, collect various resources and create all the necessary items, structures and weapons from them.

What a terrible grind is there, it’s better to pass by

In Steam, the game is reviews "Very positive" And online stable.

Let’s start with the fact that this is a game about the construction and production of resources, but only AI gnomes are so stupid that they have to always be controlled. Then the archers run incomprehensible where, the wizard cannot attack point blank, but how they move along the tunnels at all. Extremely slowly and constantly falling when overcoming ledges. And any player will want to optimize it by building a railway and elevators. But both of them are studied for so long, and require so many resources that they appear only when almost not needed. But still, when you build a network of tunnels with a road, elevators, intermediate warehouses, etc., you understand that there is nothing special to do and you need to switch to the next card so that. start all over again, and so 4 times for all types of biomes. Thus, I want to say that after many hours you will either be extremely unhappy with all the described shortcomings, or abandon because you will understand that there is nothing to do there

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