Remedy thanked Epic Games for the enormous support provided during the development of Alan Wake 2

Remedy thanked Epic Games for the enormous support provided during the development of Alan Wake 2

After 13 years of waiting yesterday, the Alan Wake 2 release finally took place. The game reached the PS5, Xbox Series and PC, and on the last platform it became an exclusive for Epic Games Store, but for that is, good reasons.

Epic Games has financed the development of Alan Wake 2, which means that the game exists largely thanks to the support of the company. Now that the game was released, Thomas Pooh, the Communications Director of Remedy, wrote on social networks EPIC Gratitude for the support that she provided to the studio.

Thanks to Epic Publishing Publishing House. They allowed us to make the game that we wanted, supporting us without compromises, – wrote Pooh. In particular, the Epic Games production team coped with Alan Wake 2 perfectly: they really did not care.

I have never read so many good reviews about each stage of development and never saw the developers so often and consistently test the game.

The role of Epic Games as a company producing Alan Wake 2 was spoke at the beginning of 2021, and, judging by the quality of the sequel, the cooperation of the two companies, of course, paid off.

Cool support, did not really help optimize the game.

There, it seems just some kind of grid technology is used, which is very demanding, and it’s time to move progress further

I played at 8 o’clock, you are finished!" Where are the opponents? 1 boss and several cultists with shadows.

I played the first part with pleasure. More dynamic, interesting, intriguing. And this is a walking simulator. Who are these people who like this!?

I like. Remedy greatly changed the style and this had to be understood by preliminary rollers, and not wait for the same.

Awl for soap changed. This is what it is called. The game really turns, bothers, the only thing is the atmosphere and the graphics is good. For the rest, stupid walking, collecting evidence and performing meaningless activities that take a lot of time. I don’t know what you saw here healthy? For me, so dullness can be traced total. I don’t care how much they wrapped the plot, you show the dynamics of the game. Why am I smoking these cartridges, ammunition? To shoot at the sky? Once again, unlike the first part, this is the abyss! In all aspects. The first part saved the balance sound, here they went wrong.

Now you understand why it was Epic who sponsored it?

And that is, go shine with a flashlight, then shoot and so every 30 seconds is better in your opinion? Well, unfortunately, the majority quickly annoyed such a gameplay of the same type, so the outfits changed the direction from the action to Survayl Horror, it involves methodological passage and not frequent fir.

People, really something like a gameplay? Stupidly wander in darkness like shit and shine with a lantern? And shooting 🔫 There is not? 😳

The game at the beginning greatly interested me and intrigued, but the further I went, the more I was convinced of what kind of tedious one she blurted out with a hasty plot. IMHO

A sophisticated plot is a plus, not a minus.

Everything is good in moderation. In general, I didn’t like it. The first Alan Wake was not bad for me, this.

Yes, for sure, you will somehow play Afro-American at the beginning, he will still pull, and then such a dushnina for Alan Vake play, and some enemies are too surrealistic, ghosts, in short in the furnace of this tractomotin.

1 part was definitely a masterpiece.

Go play on 1

In fact, fierce game turned out, which created +- the effect as it was at the start of the mafia 3 . you orgam the first hours, but the farther to the forest, the full you have. Evanging what is happening. And I don’t find fault with (although it would be worth it to have a hyper collider, to start a mediocre game, RTX will not help here, mirrors and their reflection is the same mafia 3 -_-), and so I say for the mechanics and generally the game. Dumb runaways in the same type of forest (for a woman), blunt collection of evidence and switching to the head on (collect the board of honor), blurted out in the plot itself (some kind of cults ponded+ some kind of malafya instead of blood at the enemies and it looks like it is like blanks from Ivl Vizin and in general where are the enemies. 2-3 homeless people for the whole game and a couple of wolves? By the way with x..I have forgotten the wolves here? O_O, who suck in the whole clip), that is generally the whole game is pancake stupid. Horseradish knows what 2nd part V1 was supposed to go out.0 (which was abandoned), but it seems to me (according to merged materials) she was at times better. this is generally a hell understand that. Now sedimentary people will pass in a week+- everyone will be at a loss . As they like to say stop game- it’s stupidly passing, alas. And there were hopes. If the same (all-Retro) will be the 2nd control, then thanks do not need. That and even somehow it became dumb for the remake of Max Payne, if they have been going on there, then everything for me Remedy died. and so we make a place for a robocop -_-

Control 2 should not be like that, there is a normal action

I completely agree!Not special, but the requirements as in space!Although the same rubber is 4 and one of us is much cooler!5 heads cooler!

The graphone of remakes of rubber is 2.3.4 is better than Alan Wake 2 and this is a fact, he checked.

naturally better and flies on any bucket!)

And from the original idea "Kinggians" Something remains?
I "happy" possess 5700 hours and Remedi want me to throw this card, but I don’t want