Square Enix does not exclude that in the future Final Fantasy can become a first -person joker

Square Enix does not exclude that in the future Final Fantasy can become a first -person joker

Before the release of Final Fantasy 16, only one day remained, and Square Enix actively promotes the upcoming role-playing game, discussing the controversial decision to abandon the step-by-step and ATB-system of the battle in favor of a spectacular action-beer. But although Final Fantasy is a kind of platform in which many different styles can exist and existed, the developer does not believe that it is necessary to limit themselves to genres that are traditionally associated with a series.

What other genres the future Final Fantasy can experiment? Well, perhaps it will be a first -person shooter. At least Square Enix does not mind this idea. In an interview with Bloomberg, Square Enix Vice President Yosinori Kitasa admitted that Final Fantasy fans expect new characters, new storylines and even new mechanics from every new game.

The only requirement, according to Kitas, is that crystals should be present in the game as part of the narrative. Game fractions are usually fighting for crystals because they have force. This can explain why the Final Fantasy veteran does not mind turning the future game of the saga into a first -person shooter as Call of Duty: in his opinion, Final Fantasy is determined not by the genre. At the same time, he admits that it is difficult for him to imagine Final Fantasy not what she is today.

"My imagination really has its limits", – he said. "Therefore, it is very cool that a new generation of creators has taken up the case".

The producer of Final Fantasy 16 Yoshida even jokingly noted that, despite the difference in technology, era, tone and genre, Call of Duty is a game of about "a small group of people who go and save the world – this is very similar to Final Fantasy".

But this suppleness also entails criticism from fans, especially from the players who expect Final Fantasy to look and play in a certain way. Indeed, Yoshida admitted that Square Enix did not always manage to move away from the fact that many consider the standard handwriting of Final Fantasy, referring as an example to the first version of Final Fantasy 14, as well as the Final Fantasy 15. It is worth adding that Final Fantasy the First Soldier has already tried herself in the junior genre (in particular, Battle Royale) and failed.

We will find out if Square Enix managed to succeed this time, when the reviews of Final Fantasy 16 will appear later today.