Starfield contracts were leaked to the network. She reminds of the game Frealacer

Starfield contracts were leaked to the network. She reminds of the game Frealacer

To the release Starfield A few days remained, but this does not prevent insiders and owners of copies of early access to share with the public content that will be in the new space RPG Bethesda Game Studios.

In a recent leak (subject to a leaflet with the date and nickname of the author of the plum Coheedme), the previously mentioned boards with tasks on which the captain, the protagonist of the game, can take side -by -time quests mentioned. This plate represents a separate yellow-black menu with a signature "Mission Board" (Board with missions), and among the tasks are the following:

Board of contracts at Starfield

  1. Delive the suckers of Lowe to [. ] – 1692 loans
  2. Delive Mikrodron to Porim III – 1706 loans
  3. Deliver miners to Europe – 1520 loans
  4. Supply (?) Tungsten (w) Mars, solar system – 1520 loans
  5. Study Gunibe in Gunibu – 10,000 loans

On the left is information about a specific task – in this case, the delivery of miners.

The reward for each task (especially on the study of Gunib) is quite impressive and comparable with long and complex tasks from the last games Bethesda. Apparently such large awards are due to the fact that the player will have to pump his spaceship that there will be a lot of money (in the merged images, some ships cost tens of thousands of loans). Studying the types of tasks, we can distinguish at least 3 classes of tasks, including the delivery of cargo, the delivery of people (Pete Hines mentioned this) and the study of the planets (no matter what it means). Apparently, the player will not have a lack of work search.

A similar board of ads from Frelancer (2003). The player takes the arrest of the bandit

Similar ads appeared in many games, among which there are a space simulator Frelancer 2003, telling about a spaceship named Trent. In the game, Trent could land on the planets and gain access to the board of ads where he could take the necessary task (which were also generated by accident and appeared again), the reward for which varying from the complexity and a specific planet. It is not known whether there will be Starfield pay more or less depending on the planet, but you can easily notice that the task of studying the planet will bring much more money than others.