Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown received new screenshots and video gameplay

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown received new screenshots and video gameplay

Nacon and KT Racing published the first screenshots and video gameplay Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown. These screenshots will give you an idea of ​​the visual effects that this new game Test Drive is aimed at. Moreover, the gameplay video will give you an idea of ​​what you can expect from it.

In Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, the island of Hong Kong is recreated on a 1: 1 scale. According to the developers, the game will preserve the DNA of previous games, but at the same time will present a modern vision of the genre of multiplayer races.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown presents the most attractive cars of various manufacturers, including the most prestigious ones: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Dodge, Apollo and many others.

Players will be able to freely explore the island or take part in various competitions. In addition, much attention will be paid to setting and social functions.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown will officially be released at the beginning of 2024 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. Beta test will be held from 24 to 27 July.

I understand that Alfa Bilds showed the game but. who will present her like that? Seriously, some kind of shots are sitting, they say something there, they are laughing there. They ride hell, understand how, cars do not show, shops do not show, just 30 minutes of Dushnilov some kind.

Yes! This is a very bad presentation of the first gameplay and it cannot be presented like that!

something like that, graphics at the level of 2010, physics in appearance even worse than in The Crew 2

Well then, we will roll a new one, we will not be left without car symbols)

In 2011, TDU 2 came out in which the graphics were worse, and in 2010, Hot Pursuit with angular arches of wheels, rear lights, and.T.e, so I don’t know the same game of 2010.

Tduu 2 is so -so according to the schedule, and the machines salons there are generally sucks, especially compared to the first

Even looks all, twitching fps and a disgusting ride.

Musor game, even in the video, terrible physics and animation, what to talk about the game.

well, honestly, well, of course, I expected more

The only norms in this video duck is a girl on the background) 29:34

what does she do there at all? The hike with a specialty dull cheap was hired so that the ass was spinning and everything

She has a cool bumper

Even sooo bad.
P.S instrument, if anyone is intentate @m3llytheone

Oh, here is the only comment on the case!

Ah, I liked everything.

To me, too, and the most important thing is a hemptic of the open world, this is a well -established full city, which is very pleasant and not like empty fields and a city from 4 streets

It’s cool to play racing when you have constant podlags.

Optimization in the development of the game occupies one of the last places. Therefore, when they release games ahead of time, they have no optimization.

I’ll tell you what I liked from everything I saw!

Why do you like fat blacks with a pad? What is wrong with you?

:))) Well, this is a type of visual dough. You see, now we all know what you see in this picture you. We continue observation!)))

Add garbage and various details, pedestrians, police* or bandits and a bunch of different content and then show the result to the city.

At least the presentation is all up, but something should turn out, then we will evaluate.

The game itself like garbage looks where to add it)

grass, the fields look good with her, but where the city is problems. Maybe the build was made for the switch, so it was not completed.

For boxing most likely. And frapers are noticeable.

Graphics suck. The trees have no lighting in 2023))) The sky is poisonously white, the buildings seemed to be illuminated, the concrete is glowing. And the forest is contrasting dark. After Forza, look at this disgusting fu

In the yard is 23 years old, and then bald graphics, poor physics. It will go for telephones.

The first part for me is still the best of Arcad in general! Among those that came out both before and after. Assembly TDU Natan Edition on the basis of the first part is played quite now and now. What was shown in Solar Crown is not impressive at all.

The first made Eden Games. A completely different developer.

It looks terrible. And not only according to the graphon (but it is terrible, add the pancake and shadows with lighting fixed), but generally by gameplay. what should be delayed in this game? dull pokatushki what you can imagine.

At 19:00, look as he flew into the oncoming car at 160kmh vlob. Said both cars (no). This is physics of 2023? You are firing? No need to cover this "alpha" version. This is a stupid base. if the game is about the skating of soap irons, then this is not for nothing. there is no sparks, nor rumpled cars, no blow as such, nothing. hit two pieces of soaps and parted, this is what shame??

At the end of their race, at Porsche on which the girl went – rumpled sides and rumpled hood. Maybe not all cars were added to the release of this presentation.

You saw this collision? Nothing is implemented in the game. I did not catch the meaning of the presentation. If it was necessary to bury the game, then of course they managed. If it was necessary to attract players, then at least one item is called “what” I simply cannot ..

Apparently settled the deadlines, it was necessary to show at least something. What happened was shown. This is an alpha and evaluate it, as a ready -made, or at least half a finished game, is absolutely not worth. We saw that they made part of the location, that at least 6 cars are present. That you can move around the building, as it was in the previous parts. But this is an alpha.
It’s just that the guys have nothing to show, but the fact that the game is already working, albeit with strong technical flaws, is already pleasing. Or you would have arranged for you to fall asleep at the presentation with screenshots? Better so.

Well, in general, yes, I would appreciate the screenshots. Or just a verbal presentation. If there is nothing to show – why then show?) Make a beautiful trailer and all, as if for the first time the game is making it a god.

In response to "19:00 look at it at 160 km/h flew into the oncoming car, etc.D." – I will answer:

Cars in the game licensed! And when buying licenses from real automakers, the latter do not burn with the desire to see the accident and a la "Said both cars". Even virtually!

Want the results of accidents, there is Beam Ng Drive, Burnout, WreckFest, and others.

It’s still weak, I hope to reach the level when starting

In vain you hope Test Drive has always been a junk.

Trash not worth attention, as expected.

Looks like The Crew 1. In principle, it is not surprising, because they created 1 part

Most criticize the latest NFS, but after what they see, I remember, this is just a shame, the city looks terrible, there is no traffic, there is complete trash. They moved to 24 years, but I doubt that this will save the game, so the developers also staged a strike, the friend will be canceled in general. In short, we are waiting for the new Forza.

I’d better go to play in TDU 2 than in Forsu. Downloaded the 4th Forz, I thought at least the graphics will be good, and there is some kind of soap and there is no detail.

Increase the level of maximum Vasya. There the game itself puts the settings at the first start so that your camputher does not explode

Kylotonn did not expect anything good. Actually, the first gameplay, they met these expectations.

Well, it seems that the spirit of TDU was preserved, the fact that the presentation was just some very early Alfa -Bield was dragged a little surprised – well, okay. Polish/release, the game will become an excellent alternative to the hackneyed "Forsze" from part to part without hints of development and stable stagnant "NFS". We are waiting.

At least someone understands something

Incredible level of non -reinforced optimism

But there is no view from the cabin ?

eat, carefully video watch

Lavrov are you😁

Maybe Academician Sakharov?

In principle, it will go away, it’s better than the already hackneyed NFS koprovye darwal with its effects and monotony, I have been missing a lot of parts for a long time, some kind of terrible one has become, the motorfest was generally saddened by the okart small and the fps was forced to be 60 frames, and indeed, the Motorfes stupid dls To Krik 2, the Forz Choraison 5 times the best of all, although the world is so -so small and not at all interesting, and here the test of the Dravs with the october world and the big and new which was not in the games already Hong Kong, the control of the cars probably It will be that it will be a hook and overza, but it is precisely worse than the hook, in the mouth, it bexed that there are some kind of narrow that on a wheelbarrow into traffic, you didn’t crash, in the Forza, in general, traffic is calmly passing as in reality, in general, at least that something then the new against the background of the whole hackneyed, the more choice the better, sit and fan to one game for yourself,And now it’s so far that the current of the overza of the chorezone for management and graphics, this test will be something between a good middle and an excellent game, the main thing is not to slag like a hook 2 where it is controlled by the horror of PSOTO, swing the other day and deleted it, the elbow of 60 and the iron is stammered more than 60%, and gameplay as slowed down, horror control, count horror trees appear in front of the eyes from sprites in 3D objects, traffic with narrow roads where overtaking is not possible, the proportions of cars and roads are not accurate, in general the test looks better 2 and motorfest, for lovers of echoed epistles of all sorts of festivals, the hook motorfest will come in particular if the iron is not pulled back 60 frames, I personally would like to play at 144 fps, like the Dervovka Monika Chi Gileszo, but CREMOSE this very strongly limits with its compulsory slide show of 60 personnel

what hook and out of force, with tduu 2 and WRC it is necessary to compare

TDU 3 – A game with the open world, it is logical to compare with other such games.

Hmm. It seems to me this is a game game FAST & Furious Crossroads.

It’s just interesting what all these people think about. They seriously want to make people who play forza Horizon, play this?

And what fps is low? Not pulling?

I bought the last part and turned off after 10 minutes. Could not resist.

I don’t know the same sodes are too drawn with the release of the game, the count and physics is not yet clear.

There is no physics, all cars like NSF MW are driving the same. The difference is only in maximum speed, acceleration, and sharpness of turning everything according to the script, like a piece of soap. I didn’t even see the side resistance. Well, the graphon is spoiled in the current form. But if in MW it was a chip, here from the lack of a visual artist. The shadows are black, the light of the sun is poisonous all the same, so on the Xbox360 hid the inferiority of the graphics

Well, in theory, they have WRC, so there must be a reward. I hope it will not be possible to ride on the lamb on the off -road, otherwise they got the telephone arcades.

Grafon is certainly hard, overza is better in everything

The presentation of the game reminded of the online mode in GTA V, only without shootings: you go to clubs, casinos, you ride in races with other players on the server.

Like a mediocre mobile game

Some kind of irons on the road.

The graphics are reminding the sims. Cool, what to say.

Of all shown, only a frame at 08:53 was interesting. Everything else, alpha version of the Forza.

Well, maybe more checkers around the city, no more.

What is the name of the presenter?

Who defended her there and waited for PG? -_-
Get, sign.

Pros: real island 1: 1 with a huge spire and jungle; detailed salon in the arcade race; Physics of the weight of machines (yes they do not break and bounce like billiard balls, but this is the essence of the game test); Class fractions, street – families of palettes, robbing cows on tinted Lada, Pont – Erica Davydychi on maximum shoes; the ability to buy a stylish gear or second-hand depending on the fraction; car dealerships with the open world; casino and gambling with a prize car!; the opportunity to change the floor and surprise friends.

Scribe, a terrible gameplay has been officially shown. This is a fiasco, brother. Have a nice day, everyone!

Given that this is an alpha version, everything looks very good, including graphics! Nacon did a great job and you can see a huge breakthrough after the WRC series. City details at the same good level. Physics also looks interesting.

Judging by the gameplay, this is the campaign of the alpha version: lags, with shadows trouble, textures in front of the nose disappear and t.D.. It is necessary to wait for the gameplay in normal quality, here even in 1440r it somehow doesn’t look like.