The authors of the Corsaires Legacy pirate action opened pre -order and improved the demo version of the game

The authors of the Corsaires Legacy pirate action opened pre -order and improved the demo version of the game

Independent Muris studio has published a new diary of developers dedicated to the creation of a large -scale pirate action Corsaires Legacy. The authors’ team listened to the reviews of the players who tested the demo version of the game in Steam, and decided to significantly improve it. Now Demo Corsairs Legacy will support NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR, and will also allow players to go through an additional task and test updated mechanics.

In the improved demo version of Corsairs Legacy, the opportunity to visit the hold during boarding, choose additional levels of complexity and many other improvements. All changes were made on the basis of reviews of players and statistics received by developers during game tests.

The main changes in the updated demo version:

  1. All levels of complexity are open: now you can immediately play at the levels of the sea wolf and hardcore.
  2. Added subtitles.
  3. Added tips explaining the mechanics of the game.
  4. Added an information window displaying the current task of the player.
  5. Access to the characteristics of your ship and hold, as well as the ability to throw things overboard and increase morality for money.
  6. Information added on how the wind speed is calculated.
  7. An additional mission of the capture of an enemy ship is available, where there are new anchor scene and cabin.
  8. Added the opportunity to see the type of ship using a tender pipe.
  9. Added mechanics of exchange of goods with a union ship.
  10. Now in the case when the recharge continues, but the player is trying to shoot, the game reports about reloading. And in the case when the player has ended shells, he will hear information about the need to change the type of shell.
  11. Added graphics settings and support NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR.
  12. Improved camera work in ground movement mode.
  13. Added new combinations of attacks.
  14. Musketeers are added during boarding.
  15. Now the hold is available during boarding.
  16. Added hacks of locks with a master.
  17. The logic of chests has been finalized.

Along with this, the developers announced the opening of the pre -orders of Corsairs Legacy on the official website. For purchase, a standard publication for $ 20 and an extended publication Supporter Pack for $ 30, which includes various digital bonuses and allows you to support the developers directly, is available.

Since we do not have a publisher or investors, the development of the Corsaires Legacy series directly depends on the number of copies sold sold. If you have friends whom you could please Corsairs Legacy, we will be grateful if you purchase the keys for them and for them.
The development of the first game took much more time and financial resources from our team than we expected. But we are satisfied with the technical and visual result, which will be the foundation for the next games, and we hope that the number of copies sold and support in the form of a purchase by Supporter Pack will allow us to further deepen the mechanics and expand the Caribbean card.

– Note in Mauris.

According to the developers, the project is at the final stage of development. Very soon, they will show a new gameplay trailer for the game and voice the release date of Corsairs Legacy.