The developer Sea of ​​Stars discussed a possible second DLC, potential new games and much more

The developer Sea of ​​Stars discussed a possible second DLC, potential new games and much more

It is safe to say that the Sabotage Studio Indi-Rail Game was very well accepted, and now the developer is looking at the future. Director Thierry Bulanger held a direct broadcast of questions and answers, in which he shared some interesting questions about what fans can expect in the future from the game and studio.

Answering the question of what additional content can appear in the game, Bulanger noted that the developer creates “something special” as a test for the builder’s fat on the upcoming Indieland 2023, and if it seems funny to people, this can be added to Sea of ​​Stars for All.

In addition to the already announced DLC “Throes of the Watchmaker”, a second called “Shades of Kunus’nuku” may appear, which is currently defined as “theoretical”. This will depend on whether the game will still remain relevant or it will look holistic without it.

Content is also expected, which is “A fairly large update“, For example, already announced Single-Player +, which is essentially a cooperative regime.

Answering the question about the genre of future potential games, Bulanzhe explained (with the preface “This does not mean that we do or do not do anything from the next“) That the idea is that if they create a potential The Messenger 2, and in fact it is called that, it will have the same basis of the gameplay, basic principles, presentation style, sound design and pixel graphics, which In the original game. It will be “16-bit Sidskroller and/or subway“.

We also received a comment on the possibility of launching a separate version of the Wheels mini-game. Bulanzhe noted that it was very interesting to see the reaction to her. They are currently considering options, but he does not think that he wants to make a version for a smartphone.

Sea of ​​Stars is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.