The first development diary of CITIES: SkyLines 2 talks about road improvements and much more

The first development diary of CITIES: SkyLines 2 talks about road improvements and much more

Paradox published the first diary of CITies: SkyLines 2, demonstrating the current work on the long -awaited sequel of the urban planning game. The first diary of the developers shows improvements that are included in the roads that allow you to build and configure the road network as the original game did not allow.

CITIES: SkyLines 2 should be released in October, and over the next few months, Paradox will disclose new information about various game improvements compared to its predecessor. First of all, these are roads that, according to Paradox, are "The basis of the city"; If you played a lot in the first game, then it is difficult to disagree with such an assessment.

CITIES: SkyLines 2 will introduce a new Grid system for roads that will allow you to determine the starting and end point of the road grid so that the game can automatically build a grid for you. New tool "Replacement" will allow you to finalize the roads by adding additional elements and changing their location with one click of the button.

Other road improvements include new construction options that allow you to build intersections between existing roads, as well as construction using Cut-And-Fill technology for roads breaking up the relief, and the ability to easily exalt the roads over other roads. Surprisingly, now you can also create suitable entrances and trips for the highway with the corresponding strips of acceleration and braking. Now you can observe how your motorists swear at each other, not knowing how to use these stripes correctly!

Roads are divided into various categories in size, and you can even create pedestrian roads on which any traffic will be prohibited, except for service transport and delivery vehicles. Now you can also create special parking lots, and pedestrians will weigh whether it is worth using the parking lot located further, or closer to the destination.

In CITIES: SkyLines 2, starting from the forces of road maintenance and ending with the ability to add stops and pedestrian crossings to the roads. It is worth reading the full diary of the developers here to see everything that Paradox plans to enter into CITIES: SkyLines 2, and if the studio shows the same attention to the details in all other parts of the game, this one will be special.

CITIES: SkyLines 2 will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S 24.