The Last of US Part 2 Remastered trailer shocked YouTube, and far from the better

The Last of US Part 2 Remastered trailer shocked YouTube, and far from the better

On the night of November 17 to 18, Sony and the Naughty Dog introduced the The Last of US Part 2 Remastered trailer for PS5: in 48 hours, the video scored more than 1.2 million views only on the PlayStation YouTube channel, excluding reloading from other channels. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered trailer quickly became a trend on X and the popular theme on Instagram, Tiktok and, of course, on Twitch and YouTube, where there was no shortage of reaction and comments.

Against the background of a very large number of views of the first trailer, there were not without a lack "Dizlaikov" – more than 100 thousand., According to Tech4gamers, who noted that the trailer scored more than 50 thousand on the official PlayStation channel. "Likes". But this figure is opposed to 70 thousand. "Dizlaikov", received in the first 20 hours.

Popular channels such as IGN and Gamespot also laid out a trailer on YouTube, collecting 24 thousand. and 4.6 thousand. "Dizlaikov" respectively. If you add these numbers, then only on these three channels the trailer scored almost 100 thousand. "Dizlaikov". In the comments on YouTube, users make fun of the fact that PlayStation is obviously engaged in remastering games, the release of which took place recently.

According to Tech4gamers, this is a reaction to the fact that the Naughty Dog, apparently, does not use its capabilities. For three years, she released three reprints of her games. This is a time that, perhaps, could be spent on creating new games. Of course, other studios, such as Bluepoint Games and Nixxes, worked on these ports, but it seems that the Naughty Dog pays too much attention to these reprints, rather than new games.

So, it is possible that for Sony there is a very real problem associated with discontent among her own customers. And even the possibility of cheap update may not satisfy them. In any case, Sony only recently announced this game, and she has several months to advance it in the market and, possibly, come up with something else to satisfy the owners of PlayStation.