The original exceeded: the first grades of Blassphemous 2

The original exceeded: the first grades of Blassphemous 2

On August 17, journalists published the first grades Blasphemous 2. The reviewers were delighted with the sequel of the metroid. The Game Kitchen studio praised for an increased opportunity to explore locations and adding new types of weapons. Most reviewers considered that the sequel surpassed the original.

Now Metacritic has 81 points out of 100. On the Opencritic website, the game has 84 points out of 100, while 94% of critics recommend Blasphemous to pass.

“Everyone who loves metroid, you definitely need to find time for Blassphemous 2. Except for a depressing final act, I almost constantly enjoyed the start to the end. From magnificent visual effects to the customizable combat system, your journey in the role of the repentant will be filled with stable ups and only random falls. This is a great continuation, a great game and just a great pastime ” – Destructoid.

“Blassphemous 2 is a solid sequel that has been improved compared to its predecessor and a more faithful metroivania genre. He improves the concept of an original game, mixing a classic platformer with more modern topics similar to Dark Souls. Along with the beautiful artistic style and energetic music, the game turns blasphemy into an occasion that is worth fighting, ” – Shacknews.

“I completely enjoyed my time spent with the repentant, and sincerely recommend the game of both the original fans and beginners. The developers made enough changes for the game to look like a new game, maintaining continuity in the setting and aesthetics, ” – Thesixthaxis.

“Blassphemous 2 is an excellent metro-level and a noticeable improvement compared to the original, even if it sometimes forced me to cancel plans for lunch due to its grotesque. The lack of originality of design with more than compensated by the bizarre world, a terrifying history and inspiring appearance and sound. New weapons and focus on platforming definitely helped me to maintain pleasure throughout a significant part of a long campaign, even when the not impressive variety of enemies and uncompromising bosses left much to be desired. It will be difficult for you to find something better while you continue the endless expectation of Hollow Knight: Silksong, ”- IGN.

Blasphemous 2 will be released on August 24, 2023. The game will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.