“This is just shit”: players do not regret the new MMORPG from NCSoft Throne and Liberty

“This is just shit”: players do not regret the new MMORPG from NCSoft Throne and Liberty

In South Korea there is a closed beta testing of Throne and Liberty – a large -budget and promising MMORPG from the creators of Aion, Blade & Soul and Lineage 2. Unfortunately, the players were disappointed – under a beautiful wrapper from trailers, an extremely disgusting everything is hidden.

After all the announcements, epic trailers and the fact that the game – with larger or smaller breaks – has been in development since 2012, the players have expected innovative or at least a good game that will allow Throne and Liberty to rise to the first/second level Mmorpg and live calmly for many years.

However, this will not happen. Throne and Liberty went over everything (on Twich, YouTube, Reddte, etc.D. for inexpressive graphics, for the fact that the game looks like a mobile game, "disguised" For the game for PC, for trivial crafting, auto-traffic, for pumping based on quests-grinds, for quests in the style "Find" or "Kill", For a poor combat system, for a combat pass, for the Pay-to-Win system (donators "Farm" characters up to 8 hours after leaving the game, they receive special tasks with additional awards, pets, raising stats, etc.D.). And most importantly, for "Astral hunting" T.e. built -in bot, which allows the player to kill monsters, drink potions and collect lutus without the active participation of the player. In my opinion, only the character editor did not touch.

In general, now absolutely everything indicates that the game will suffer the same fate as Elyon. Here are a few reviews:

12 years to create a mobile mmo game for a PC, with the most static, clumsy and unrealistic system of battle and movement. Well done ncsoft.

Lineage2 was the first game that I fell in love with. Throne and Liberty – damn disappointment, I would better play BDO, the same P2W shit, but in general, battles and gameplay are better.

Below you can see how grotesque it looks, the player is engaged in his business while the character sways for him: