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The creators of Baldur’s Gate 3 promise even more unusual romantic scenes: “This is a game with interesting characters”

Baldur’s Gate 3 has always been a popular game, which many were looking forward to, but it is easy to determine the moment when it became mainstream – a scene with a bear. During the Panel From Hell exhibition, Larian decided to demonstrate some romantic capabilities of the game, including a scene with a druid

Announced Event Croes on Kansas for American Truck Simulator

Developers from SCS Software invite everyone on Thursday, November 30, to celebrate the release of the new DLC Kansas, taking part in the World of Trucks – “Cruise by Kansas”! Open for yourself and explore the variety of landscape landscapes. Kansas offers an incredibly beautiful nature, natural meadows, winding streams and, it would seem, an

The authors of the Corsaires Legacy pirate action opened pre -order and improved the demo version of the game

Independent Muris studio has published a new diary of developers dedicated to the creation of a large -scale pirate action Corsaires Legacy. The authors’ team listened to the reviews of the players who tested the demo version of the game in Steam, and decided to significantly improve it. Now Demo Corsairs Legacy will support NVIDIA

Due to poor optimization of input-output Starfield, even the fastest SSD PCIe Gen5 cannot remove freezes

As you know, Bethesda recommends initially installing Starfield on SSD, and yet the problem is saved. Testing on the CompuseMble channel here really deserves attention, because on Utubert found that solid -state drives running Starfield are faced with “Survival at the detour”, which means that much more information comes to a solid -state drive than